Einjähriger Beifuß gebrochen/eigener Anbau - verpackt.

Buying Artemisia annua - What to look out for?

If you are thinking about buying Artemisia Annua (annual mugwort), you have several options. The versatile plant, known for its active ingredient artemisinin, can now be bought and purchased in various forms. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you are interested in buying annual mugwort. For example, how can you be sure that you are buying the best product? What is a reasonable price? In this article we explain to you what details you should look for when buying Artemisa annua and what contents should arrive at your home.

Basically, there are four characteristics that make up top quality Artemisia annua.

1. Artemisia annua in green colour
The colour of dried Artemisia annua herbs (annual mugwort) should be a strong green. However, it is often sold in a very mild green or even with a brownish tinge. The reason for this is usually yellow and brown leaves that have not been carefully sorted out both during harvesting and drying.
Why are yellow/brown leaves a bad sign of quality? As with most plants, this form of the leaves forms due to deficiency symptoms. For example, the leaves turn colour when there is insufficient light or water. This deprives them of important ingredients. Dirt and soil can also be the cause of a brownish colour. Especially when Artemisia annua is harvested by machine, it is almost impossible to avoid dirt or soil being mixed in, e.g. on the lower leaves of the plant.

Besides the colour, the aromatic scent can also be an indication of a high-quality Artemisia annua product. Odourless Artemisia is not a good sign.

Einjähriger Beifuß gebrochen/eigener Anbau - verpackt.

2. artemisia annua stemless
A good quality product can also be seen by the fact that no stems/branches of the plant are included. Artemisia is often sold with a high number of stems. In this case, there are small wooden stems underneath the broken Artemisia.
However, most of the active ingredients are contained in the juicy green leaves of the Artemisia plant. The stems have little to none of the important ingredients.

3. artemisia annua from Germany
Finally, you should pay attention to the origin of your mugwort product. Different countries have different quality standards and regulations about what kinds of fertilisers and pesticides are allowed in the fields. Also, the soil in some countries may be more contaminated with pollutants than in others, which can affect the safety and quality of your product. Therefore, when buying Artemisia annua, it makes sense to focus on regional cultivation and to buy Artemisia annua annual mugwort from Germany.

Einjähriger Beifuß bekannt als Heilpflanze aus der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin (TCM)

4. Artemisia annua has its price
Producing regional, green, stalk-free, organic Artemisia annua in high quantities costs energy and involves a lot of effort for the producers. To ensure this quality in processing, sowing, pricking out, planting and harvesting must mostly be done by hand. A gentle drying process, as well as the sorting out of any stalks, also takes time. Therefore, it is not unusual that farmers who pay attention to good processing also demand a certain price. A comparatively "cheap" version will not meet the high standards that should be set for the special herbs.

Our Artemisia annua quality
Buying high-quality Artemisia annua? Not at all easy.

Our farm has been growing the annual mugwort in a certain size for many years. In order to guarantee a high-quality product, the plant goes through an elaborate cultivation, harvesting, drying and further processing process. This process is carried out exclusively by our experienced team from start to finish.

Our Artemisia annua plants are harvested exclusively by hand. This means that low-quality and dirty leaves can be sorted out directly. This means that only the green and juicy leaves are processed in our drying facilities. After the gentle drying process, strict care is taken to ensure that neither stalks nor branches or other foreign bodies get into the product. Several sieve passes ensure that even the smallest stalks are detected and removed before packaging. In addition, the aromatic, fragrant scent is preserved. We do not use any pesticides during the entire planting and harvesting process. This is also confirmed by our laboratory results at the BAV Institute.
This is how we can guarantee the purest organic quality of our Artemisia annua products.

If you decide to place an order in our Artemisia shop shopping cart, an item of high quality should reach you within a short delivery time.

Einjähriger Beifuß, bekannt als Heilpflanze gegen Malaria aus der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin (TCM)

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