About us

We are a family-run agricultural business that has gained experience in the cultivation and processing of Artemisia annua over many years. Based in Swabia - near Tübingen, we grow our Artemisia annua on our own fields.

We lovingly process our products ourselves, from sowing to the final product. It is important to us to pay attention to sustainability and ecological processes in the production of our products. Our plants are carefully harvested by hand and gently dried. We only use the leaves of our Artemisia (no stems) to ensure a high-quality product. The aromatic, long-lasting fragrance and green colour are retained through careful processing.

As a family, we are convinced that Artemisia, in its diverse and valuable uses, can be of personal benefit to many people. Our Artemisia annua is a unique variety that comes from the heart and is delivered for you in top quality.
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