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Artemisia Annua Powder - finely ground

Artemisia Annua Powder - finely ground

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Artemisia Annua powder (fine/powdery) in top organic quality, annual mugwort, plant raw material.
Available packaging sizes: 30g, 50g, 100g, 500g and 1000g.

Our Artemisia annua powder is a special form in organic quality from our own cultivation,
which has the following advantages:

  • Our Artemisia annua plants are accompanied by ourselves from sowing to the final product, which ensures the high organic quality of our products.
  • Our Artemisia annua powder has a particularly high proportion of leaves, which are carefully harvested by hand and gently dried.
  • Our Artemisia annua leaf powder does not consist of mechanically cut plants, which makes the product much more concentrated and does not contain any stems.

Info: The difference between "Organic Artemisia annua Powder" and "Organic Artemisia annua - Broken" lies solely in the powder form. The content consists of the same product, made from the plant Artemisia annua (annual mugwort/herb).

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